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Air fight

You must have seen those documentaries where one fighter locks the other one into his target window and leaves nothing left of it using his big gun? Do you want feel yourself as one of those WW2 pilots? Of course, this will not be the real air fight with true bullets flying around. But that does not mean your impressions will be missing the reality. Two Yakovlev-52s in capable hands of our experienced pilots take off, occupy one of the flying zones nearby the airfield and start the airfight: the death dance of the two airplanes only one of which is to survive. The ‘’survivor’’ will be the one that managed to ‘’keep on the tail’’ of the other one for longer than 10 seconds. And this is VERY difficult: the enemy makes tremendous efforts to shake you off his tail: loops, u-turns, sharp 90 degree banks… The G-factor swings up and down from +6g to -2g. The pilot gets hardly pressed into his seat and the second later he hinges on his seat belts upside down. 
This unforgettable flight can be experienced together with your friend (the friend will actually sit in the other enemy plane that’s ahead of you (or behind you, which is slightly different).

The price is 1200 rubles per minute. Minimal duration of flight is 20 minutes. 
The order shall have to be confirmed within at least 2 weeks prior to the intended flight date. This sort of flight does require a very fine weather (no precipitation, cloud ceiling of 1000 metres or more)


Cruising flight around Moscow (above the Moscow Outer Ring Automotive high way, MKAD).

Cruising flight above your village, your house, your friends 

If you are interested in being able to enjoy the beauties of Moscow region’s nature, especially for you, we can organize the cruising flight around Moscow. You’ll have a rare chance of looking at the Russian capital from eye bird’s view. This is a real seldom opportunity very few in the world have ever experienced, as such sort of flight requires special permission of the city authorities. 
We’ll need 1 full week notice to arrange this flight

Price:  90 min - 18000 RUR. 

If you are interested to fly a specific route, you can order it in advance. Maybe you’d like to give your boss the possibility of flying over his out-of-town residence and view from above. Or may be you want to fly over your corporate open-air party real low and thus surprise / shock your colleagues? How about doing it over a wedding party and give unforgettable memories to all those present there? No problems! We can implement your ideas and make it all true. 
The precise route has to be ordered and agreed upon in no less than 1 week in advance. The flight may be impossible in case the destination is in an area restricted for flying. 

Price:  200 RUR per min. 

We offer cruiser rides with Yakovlev 18T and Rockwell Commander which is a 4 seat cruisers. You can invite 2 of your friends with you aboard. 


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