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FLYING presented as a gift.

 Cruising over Russia

 Yak-18T, Rockwell Commander

Have you ever flown an airplane? Yes, - will be the answer from many. Many will add, - nothing special. Flying at 30 000 feet over ground is normally not very much fun. You don’t normally see much out of an airliner’s window. 
We offer something a lot more interesting! We offer you to see Russia from the birds eye view. Believe us, it looks pure and beautiful. No other tourists, no noisy tour guides telling you what to look at, no fuss, no rush. Just you and Russia… Rivers here will reflect the blue sky above them and the forest will look like a green foam surrounding wonderful lakes and small villages. Russian churches sticking up from small Russian villages with their streets and houses lined up neatly and carefully. This is indeed a lot different than what you see from an airliner’s window! 
You can present this nicer world to your friend! Very few others saw Russia from this angle! 

We offer cruiser rides with Yakovlev 18T or Rocwell Commander which is a 4 seat cruisers. You can invite 2 of your friends with you aboard. 

And we are sure, you will spend good time together. And do yourself a favour: don’t forget to take your camera with you: there’s certainly going to be a lot to film! 

One other idea: how about choosing our airplane as an unusual place to say ‘’Marry Me’’ to your Girlfriend? What can be more romantic that doing it Up in the Sky??? (We can make some small arrangements to ensure she does not hesitate to say Yes)
Cruiser flying carried out virtually in any weather conditions. 

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