Gifts and presents stuff. 

FLYING presented as a gift.

How about giving him/her the gift of FLYING!!! Either ‘’nice & calm’’ kind of flying over fascinating Russian landscape and authentic villages and towns or aerobatics with an experienced pilot nearby. You’ll get lifted up in the sky to see the earth from the bird’s eye view, experience aerobatics and will even drive the plane yourself!!! We guarantee – this will be the most unforgettable gift he/she could ever dream of! 

And what if you sometimes see your friend getting stuck with his eyes watching an airliner flying by up in the sky? Or if he spends his nights off playing flight simulator / air battle games? Or if he ever pleased you on that flight to Egypt by keeping his eye on the window even when that nice looking stewardess walked by offering cogniac? There is only one answer to that question! Buy him an airplane ride! 


Have you never tortured yourself with questions like ‘’What to buy him/her for birthday, wedding anniversary or just as a gift for some some other special event? Not many to say the least. And every time we question ourselves: «What did I buy him / her last year?’’ or: «Will he/she find it useful (funny, romantic, touching – you name it). And what if you want the gift to be original and unusual? What if you want him/her to remember YOUR gift FOREVER? This is when the gift selection starts to turn into disaster! Mugs with stupid paintings, T-shirts with vulgar aphorisms, cuckoo clocks, diamonds, pillows…… The selection in gift & souvenier shop is so big that you wonder whether you’ll ever make you mind on this or not. So, what to do?


 Aerobatics YAK-52

Our most experienced pilot instructors, some of which are Russian and International AirRace Winners will be glad to realize your dream!

Barrel-rolls, flick-rolls, half-rolls, loops and tail spins, vertical aerobatic maneuvers…this is the few things out of the list of many other things that we offer. You can feel all those Gs pressing you against your seat, or, vice vesa, get the feeling of fetheriness, i.e. gravity free state. 

Cruising over Russia


Cruising YAK-18T, Rockwell Commander

Have you ever flown an airplane? Yes, - will be the answer from many. Many will add, - nothing special. Flying at 30 000 feet over ground is normally not very much fun. You don’t normally see much out of an airliner’s window. 

We offer something a lot more interesting! We offer you to see Russia from the birds eye view. Believe us, it looks pure and beautiful. No other tourists, no noisy tour guides telling you what to look at, no fuss, no rush. Just you and Russia… Rivers here will reflect the blue sky above them and the forest will look like a green foam surrounding wonderful lakes and small villages. Russian churches sticking up from small Russian villages with their streets and houses lined up neatly and carefully. This is indeed a lot different than what you see from an airliner’s window! 

Special offer! 

Air fight

You must have seen those documentaries where one fighter locks the other one into his target window and leaves nothing left of it using his big gun? Do you want feel yourself as one of those WW2 pilots? Of course, this will not be the real air fight with true bullets flying around. But that does not mean your impressions will be missing the reality. 

Cruising flight around Moscow (above the Moscow Outer Ring Automotive high way, MKAD)

If you are interested in being able to enjoy the beauties of Moscow region’s nature, especially for you, we can organize the cruising flight around Moscow. 

You’ll have a rare chance of looking at the Russian capital from eye bird’s view. This is a real seldom opportunity very few in the world have ever experienced, as such sort of flight requires special permission of the city authorities. 
We’ll need 1 full week notice to arrange this flight



Cruising flight above your village, your house, your friends

If you are interested to fly a specific route, you can order it in advance. Maybe you’d like to give your boss the possibility of flying over his out-of-town residence and view from above. Or may be you want to fly over your corporate open-air party real low and thus surprise / shock your colleagues? How about doing it over a wedding party and give unforgettable memories to all those present there? No problems! We can implement your ideas and make it all true. 
The precise route has to be ordered and agreed upon in no less than 1 week in advance. The flight may be impossible in case the destination is in an area restricted for flying. 


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